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Ford Fam Spotlight Feature : Claudia Alyssa and Her Journey with Midnight Shego!

Date Published: 15th July 2023

A Spotlight on Claudia Alyssa: Her Journey with Midnight Shego

Welcome to another Ford Fam spotlight! Today, we have an inspiring story to share about a remarkable member of our community. Let’s delve into the extraordinary journey of Claudia Alyssa and her stunning Ford Focus ST, Midnight Shego.

Meet Claudia Alyssa: The Resilient Ford Enthusiast

Claudia Alyssa, a valued member of the Ford Fam, has faced her fair share of adversity. Tragically, she lost her partner and high school sweetheart, David, in 2022. Nevertheless, Claudia has demonstrated immense resilience, honoring David’s memory and forging her own path to success. Her dedication and resilience truly embody the Ford spirit.

Claudia's Captivating Journey: Love, Laughter, and Self-Discovery

Since joining Instagram in 2013, Claudia has taken us on a journey filled with love, laughter, and self-discovery. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Claudia’s pride as she showcased her father’s stunning Trans Am at local car shows and celebrated milestones with her sorority sisters. Her infectious personality and passion for cars and anime have certainly captured our hearts.

The Advent of Midnight Shego

In 2021, Claudia embarked on a new chapter by purchasing a Ford Focus ST, affectionately named Midnight Shego. This was a car that her partner, David, had persuaded her to buy. Claudia could never have foreseen that Midnight Shego would become a symbol of her strength and resilience. She has transformed her Ford Focus ST into a true masterpiece over the years, pouring her heart and soul into every modification. With tireless efforts and the support of her father and the ST community, Claudia has brought her vision to life.

Witnessing Midnight Shego's Evolution

Thanks to Claudia’s Instagram posts, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing Midnight Shego’s evolution. We’ve followed Claudia’s thrilling journey, from the first ST install to breath taking moments on the open road. Claudia’s love for her car is evident in each modification, and it’s impossible not to feel proud of the remarkable progress she’s made.

More Than Just A Car Story

Claudia’s story transcends her love for her car. It’s about personal growth, healing, and finding joy amidst the pain of loss. Claudia has used her platform to raise mental health awareness, sharing her experiences and reminding us all to cherish our loved ones. Claudia’s strength and openness are a testament to her character, reminding us all that we are never alone in our struggles.

Show Solidarity

As we honor Claudia’s accomplishments and her remarkable journey, let’s rally behind her and show our support. Drop a 💙 in the comments to let Claudia know we stand with her and wish her the best in life. Claudia, you’re an inspiration to us all, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for you and Midnight Shego!

Be sure to follow Claudia at @st18_dlg to stay updated on her captivating journey with Midnight Shego. You won’t want to miss a single moment! 🌟💚🖤

Photograph Credit: Claudia Alyssa

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