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Ford Fam Spotlight Feature: Meet John McGlynn, The FiestaGuy

Date Published: 22nd July 2023

A Journey To The Love Of Ford

Hello, everyone! Today we are introducing you to a public figure and a passionate Ford enthusiast, John McGlynn, popularly known on Instagram as @the_fiestaguy. John’s love for Ford blossomed about 6 years ago when he bought his first car, a mk6 Fiesta. His affection for the brand was so deep that he ended up working as a mechanic for Ford. Now, how’s that for passion?

The Unforgettable First Drive

John has been the proud owner of a 2019 mk8 Ford Fiesta ST3 since November 2022. And guess what? The first memorable drive in his new beauty was a romantic escapade. John whisked his fiancée down to London and proposed at Harry Potter World. If that’s not love infused with adventure, what is?

Modifications That Stand Out

Over time, John has made some interesting modifications to his car. The most significant ones include Ford performance coilovers, a front splitter, and Emerald struts. While these might seem simple, they have transformed his Fiesta into a unique and personalized machine, radiating the essence of John’s love for Ford.

The Bond of the Ford Fam

Here’s the best part about being a Ford owner: the sense of community. John shares that he’s met a few people through his Fiesta, who are now his closest mates. According to him, nothing can beat the joy of a road trip with friends driving the same cars, having a great time, and an even bigger laugh. You see, owning a Ford is more than just having a car, it’s about becoming part of a family.

The Glowing Recommendation

If you’re wondering if John recommends Ford, and more specifically a Fiesta, his answer is a resounding yes. He can’t recommend them enough, asserting that these cars are fantastic, and it’s an honor to be part of the Ford family.

A Glance at The FiestaGuy's Journey on Instagram

Follow John’s journey on Instagram @the_fiestaguy and join in the fun. From motivational quotes to car modifications, and even occasional giveaways, John’s Instagram feed is a delightful blend of his life and love for Ford. He also has partnered with companies like Emerald Struts and often shares discount codes for his followers. A Ford Fam member and an Instagrammer to follow – he’s got it all!

The Adventure Continues

John’s journey is far from over. With future road trips, car mods, and community gatherings on the horizon, there’s plenty more to come from this FiestaGuy. Are you ready to join him on this exhilarating ride?

Stay tuned for more features on members of our Ford Fam community. Let’s celebrate the love of Ford and the bonds we share. After all, we are a family, right?

Final Thoughts

In the words of John, “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal, it’s the courage to continue that counts.” Keep on driving, keep on adventuring, and most importantly, keep on loving your Ford!

Photograph Credit: John McGlynn

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