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Welcome to Ford Fam, where the world unites in love for all things Ford!

Founded by John Harkins in 2022 in Scotland, we’ve transformed from a local club to a global online community of Ford enthusiasts. We’re not just about the vehicles, but a shared spirit of adventure, community action, and the thrill of the open road.

Joining the Ford Fam means embarking on an exciting journey filled with car meetups, shows, charity events, and more. We work to secure exclusive perks and surprises for our members, fostering a sense of family that extends beyond borders.

Future Plans

As we plan for a Europe-wide tour in 2024 and aim to become the hub for Ford-related content, we invite you to be part of our story. Whether a lifelong Ford fan or just starting, let’s keep the Ford spirit revving together!

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Our Journey

In 2022, a friend and I, both ardent Ford enthusiasts, decided to turn our passion into action. Despite being active members in numerous car clubs and Ford-specific groups, we often found ourselves travelling significant distances to participate. An idea sparked – why not organize our own local meets in Fife, Scotland, and bring Ford enthusiasts from various clubs under one roof for a mega meetup?

Surprisingly, our idea was met with resistance due to misunderstandings and suspicions of exclusivity. Let us be clear, Ford Fam has always been, and will always be, about inclusivity. Our aim is to cultivate an open space for all Ford enthusiasts to interact, share, and bond over our shared passion.

Our Vision

Our original vision was simple: establish Ford Fam as a Ford Events company, organizing local car shows and events around Fife. Although reality presented a few hurdles, I decided to refine our approach rather than giving up. Ford Fam was destined to be more than just another Ford car club.

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Uniting the Ford Community

While there are many Ford clubs, few larger-scale Ford-specific community events exist. Club-organized events often remain exclusive to their members. We envisaged Ford Fam as the bridge connecting local clubs, their members, and all Ford enthusiasts who might not be on social media or unsure how to connect with these clubs.

This shared platform shines a spotlight on all clubs involved, connecting potential members who may have otherwise remained disconnected. Furthermore, this unity also strengthens our collective appeal to high-profile sponsors, enabling us to host larger and more spectacular events specifically for Ford enthusiasts.

Your Club, Our Family

Most Ford owners’ car clubs operate part-time, driven more by passion than anything else. These intimate communities are a part of the unique charm of the Ford fan scene. At Ford Fam, we want to amplify that charm, not overshadow it. We aim to promote your clubs, aid their growth, and showcase them on our social media platforms for the global community to see. Let’s embark on this ride together!

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Our Purpose

At its core, Ford Fam is driven by a dual mission. We aim to curate engaging meet-ups and events, creating an environment for Ford owners to connect, share, and relish in their shared enthusiasm. But our vision extends beyond the offline world. We are building an inclusive online platform for all Ford owners and clubs.

We aspire to create a digital hub where members can interact, share, and possibly even organize their own small, cross-club events. We see ourselves as the architects of this space, but it is the members who will truly bring it to life.

In a nutshell, our ultimate goal is simple: to unify the entire Ford community, both online and offline. We are committed to providing the best experiences possible, specifically crafted for Ford enthusiasts. Together, let’s make Ford Fam a home for all who love Ford!

Uncover Local Ford Clubs

Ford Fam will feature a detailed map of the UK and Europe, highlighting the locations of local Ford owner clubs. This user-friendly tool will enable our members to discover and connect with clubs in their vicinity, further strengthening our interconnected Ford community.

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