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Spotlight on Chloe’s Ford Fiesta Zetec S Adventures

Date Published: 28th July 2023

Profile Details

Car Account: @chlo_fzs
Age: 19
Location: Hampshire
Car Model: 1.0 Fiesta Zetec S Red Edition
Personal Instagram: @x.chloe04.x
Special Deals: Check out @topflight_fragrances and @topflight_appareluk with code ‘chlofzs’ for exclusive discounts!

Getting To Know Chloe and Her Ford Fiesta

1. The Introduction

Meet Chloe from Hampshire, the proud owner of a Ford Fiesta Zetec S red edition. “I transitioned from an automatic to a manual with Ford, and instantly fell in love with the drive,” she shares.

2. The Love Story Begins

When asked about her initiation into the Ford fam, Chloe reminisces, “My very first manual car after passing my automatic was a Ford. It was love at first drive.”

3. Ford Memories

While she doesn’t single out a favorite memory, every drive around Hampshire lets Chloe discover new scenic spots, making each trip unique.

4. The Bonding Timeline

Chloe’s journey with Ford began in September 2022, and she’s been cruising with her current Fiesta since the 30th of June.

5. Customizing The Fiesta

Chloe’s Fiesta boasts a res delete exhaust upgrade, chameleon tint, front window tinting, and a back box delete. On her wishlist? A cobra exhaust system to complement her new TRC diffuser, an Airtec Induction Kit with a red silicone hose turbo smart recirculation valve, LED smoked rear lights, and perhaps even a lowering. But if there’s one thing she’d change, it’s the door’s noise when it opens!

6. Service & Community

While Chloe’s current Ford hasn’t given her troubles, she faced speaker issues with her previous one. Her advice to prospective Ford family members? “Jump in! It’s not just about the cars; it’s about the camaraderie and shared passion.”

7. The Dream Ford

For Chloe, the Ford Mustang reigns supreme. Notably, her boyfriend shares this dream too!

8. Daily Drives & Gatherings

Whether it’s commuting to work, visiting her boyfriend, or simply exploring, her Ford is her constant companion. And while she hasn’t attended any Ford gatherings yet, she’s eagerly awaiting the next Ford Fair.

To follow Chloe’s Ford journey and adventures, check out her Instagram: @chlo_fzs. And don’t forget to avail exclusive discounts using the code ‘chlofzs’ on @topflight_fragrances and @topflight_appareluk.

Self Shot and @izzyfergusonx

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