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On the Road with Jack Holmes: A Ford Fiesta ST3 Love Story

Date Published: 24th July 2023

Introduction: Meet Jack Holmes and Freddie

Straight from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, we present our next spotlight feature, Jack Holmes. Jack is the proud owner of a 2023 Mean Green Ford Fiesta ST3 fondly called ‘Freddie.’

The Love for Ford: It Starts with a Mustang

For Jack, his admiration for Ford began with the love for the classic 1968 Shelby Mustang. This muscle car has always held a special place in his heart and is a dream he hopes to fulfill in the future.

Creating Memories with Freddie

Jack’s affection for Freddie isn’t just about driving. He spends time meticulously capturing Freddie’s adventures, creating a unique, personal journal. Every journey with Freddie brings joy to Jack, making each trip an unforgettable memory.

A Year of Adventures and Counting

Freddie entered Jack’s life on November 19, 2022. In a short span, this mean, green Fiesta ST3 has become an integral part of Jack’s journey. And the journey has just begun!

Personalizing Freddie: Subtle yet Significant Modifications

While Freddie remains mostly in his original form, Jack added some minor modifications. His favorite is the Ford Fam sticker he received from us, which now has a special place on Freddie. To set the mood, he has installed red interior lighting in the front footwells.

The Winner Feature: Ford Performance Bucket Seats

Ask Jack about his favourite feature in Freddie, and without a second thought, he points to the Ford Performance bucket seats. These seats not only look stunning but also offer excellent grip and comfort, embodying the essence of Freddie’s character.

Memorable Road Trip: Wales and the Companionship of Freddie

Jack’s best road trip so far was to Wales with a friend, visiting popular landmarks and clocking around 600 miles in a day. The journey, made memorable by Freddie’s companionship, reinforces Jack’s affection for his mean green Ford.

A Perfect Ride: No Hurdles, Just Pure Joy

In Jack’s words, Freddie has been a ‘dream car,’ with zero issues since his acquisition. His recommendation for those considering a Ford is resounding: just go for it!

The Ford Community and Dealerships: Unmatched Support and Camaraderie

Jack cherishes the camaraderie and support he receives from the Ford community. The dealerships, especially TC Harrison Ford Derbyshire, have ensured an excellent ownership experience, further solidifying his trust in the brand.

Words of Wisdom: Just Join the Ford Fam!

For those on the fence about joining the Ford Fam, Jack has two words for you: “Do it!” The Ford community is filled with top-notch cars and people, creating an unparalleled experience for all members.

Dreaming Big: The 1968 Shelby Mustang

Jack dreams of owning the classic 1968 Shelby Mustang someday. This iconic American muscle car is a statement piece that he feels deserves all the attention it garners.

Daily Life with Freddie

Freddie is more than just a car for Jack; he’s a daily companion. Whether it’s commuting or an impromptu road trip, Freddie brings style, comfort, and the thrill of an extra kick when needed.

Heartwarming Story: Smiles and Thumbs Up

Jack recalls a heart warming encounter while out driving Freddie. A stranger’s smile and thumbs up made his day, reminding him of the joy Freddie brings not only to him but to others as well.

Looking Forward: The Upcoming Ford Fair

While Freddie hasn’t attended any major events yet, Jack and Freddie are eagerly awaiting their first major event, the Ford Fair. The duo is excited to see other stunning Fords and join the larger Ford community.

Unexpected Adventures: Off-roading in the Snow

Jack once took Freddie on an off-road adventure in the snow, which ended up with them getting stuck! Despite the hiccup, Jack cherishes this memory, reminding us that sometimes, the funniest stories come from unexpected situations.

Photograph Credit : Jack Holmes

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