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Ford Fam Feature : Kelvin With His Tiger Eye Focus

Date Published: 16th July 2023

Meet Kelvin: The 22-Year-Old Ford Fanatic from the Netherlands

Dive into the fascinating journey of Kelvin, a young car enthusiast with a penchant for anything automobile. Hailing from the Netherlands, this 22-year-old’s passion for cars ignited at a young age, and it’s been burning bright ever since. It was only a matter of time before he became a proud member of the Ford family. Two months ago, he finally did, buying himself a Ford Focus St-line 2017 in a truly eye-catching Tiger Eye colour.

A Rare Gem: The Tiger Eye Ford Focus St-line 2017

On the quest for a new ride, Kelvin found himself surrounded by vehicles in monotonous shades of black, white, and grey on various car websites. But among them, one distinctively coloured car stood out like a beacon, immediately grabbing his attention.

It was an orange-copper toned Ford, a rare breed in the colour of a Tiger Eye. This unconventional colour choice, the black accents, and the Maxton Design splitters – everything clicked. In Kelvin’s own words, “it just all fell together”, and he fell head over heels in love.

Mods? You Bet!

A true car enthusiast knows a vehicle is more than its factory settings. Kelvin has spiced up his Ford Focus with an impressive array of modifications, but he assures us they’re not too crazy.

A full Maxton Design package adorns the vehicle, and with a stage 1 chiptune, it now roars with 196 horsepower. Kelvin has plans for a cold air intake from K&N soon, and there’s a hint of new wheels coming later this year.

What Being Part of Ford Fam Means to Kelvin

Ford Fam, for Kelvin, is more than just a group of Ford owners; it’s a community of people bound together by their mutual love for the Ford brand. From the iconic Mustang to the charming Fiesta Mk1, everyone shares the same enthusiasm for these remarkable machines.

Kelvin makes a special mention of @ford.elite for sharing his content right from the beginning and helping him and numerous other accounts gain visibility.

A Journey Full of Milestones

Among his memorable moments, Kelvin gleefully shares about the day his Ford Focus was “fully Maxtonized” and when a wild K&N appeared in the vehicle. His recent attendance at the Ford Nationals Belgium with @fordsquadnl was another highlight, and meeting @redblack_focus added more sparks to his ongoing Ford journey.


Join Kelvin on his exciting car journey as he showcases his love for Ford and the modifications he has made to his Tiger Eye Ford Focus St-line. Follow him on Instagram to witness the thrilling adventures and be inspired by his passion for all things automotive.

Photo Credit: Kelvin

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