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Ford Fam Spotlight: Ford Performance Varna

Date Published: 23rd July 2023

The Founding Story and Mission

Ford Performance Varna is a Bulgarian club founded with a mission to redefine the perception of Ford in Bulgaria, a country where the brand is not widely recognized for its reliability and engagement. The team continuously works to foster a welcoming community for all car enthusiasts, regardless of the vehicle they drive.

A Unique Place in the Ford Community

What sets Ford Performance Varna apart from other clubs is their inclusive philosophy. They welcome car enthusiasts of all backgrounds and makes, celebrating the diverse experiences and perspectives that each member brings to the table.

Historical Highs: The Ford Track Day

One of the club’s most memorable moments was organizing a Ford Track Day. This significant event marked a huge step in the club’s progress and allowed members to push their Fords to the limit in a controlled environment.

Favorite Ford Models: Focus and Mustang

The Focus and Mustang models stand out as fan favorites among Ford Performance Varna’s members. These iconic Ford cars embody the perfect blend of style, performance, and comfort that resonates with the club.

Giving Back: Safe and Responsible Driving

Ford Performance Varna is not only about fun and camaraderie; it also promotes safe and responsible driving. By driving together in convoys to various beautiful locales, they actively engage with the local community and advocate for road safety.

Regular Meets and More

The club hosts regular Sunday meets in their city, fostering a strong sense of community among Ford enthusiasts. Additionally, they are planning to introduce club clothes and accessories for members, adding an extra layer of unity and pride to their meets.

Meaning of Ford Community

Being a part of the Ford community is a great responsibility for Ford Performance Varna. They take great pride in creating engaging content that keeps the community entertained and connected. Their events, photographs, and videos all work to bring their members closer together and share their mutual passion for Ford.

Evolution and Growth

Ford Performance Varna’s growth is a testament to their dedication and love for Ford. In the last five years, they have seen their meet attendances grow from a handful of cars to a bustling gathering of 20-30 vehicles, and they continue to expand!

You can join there Facebook group to find out more and to get involved with this Ford Owners Club in Bulgaria.

Pride in Unity and Plans for the Future

Each successful car meet, bringing the crew together, counts as a proud moment for Ford Performance Varna. The collective joy and enthusiasm radiating from the group is a true testament to their successful community building.

Exciting Plans Ahead

Ford Performance Varna is gearing up for the yearly Ford Fest in Bulgaria. They plan to drive in convoy to the racetrack, promising a fun-filled day of camaraderie and excitement. This event is another opportunity for them to meet new people, further expanding their vibrant community.

Photograph Credit: Ford Performance Varna

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