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Meet Christina Boston: The Passionate Force Behind the Unique MK2 Ka “Scoob”

Date Published: 12th May 2024


In the vibrant world of Ford enthusiasts, Christina Boston stands out with her distinctive 2010 MK2 Ka, affectionately nicknamed “Scoob”. A testament to her unique taste and automotive passion, Scoob isn’t just a car; it’s a canvas showcasing Christina’s journey in the automotive world.


A Journey Fueled by Family and Passion

Christina’s love for cars ignited early, influenced by her father’s enthusiasm for automobiles. This passion blossomed as she took the wheel, pushing her to delve deeper into the car culture. Although her day job at a sign-making company isn’t directly related to cars, the automotive banter and camaraderie she shares with her colleagues keep her connected to her passion.

Scoob's Standout Features

Scoob is no ordinary Ford Ka. It sports a SWR fiberglass body kit and a hornet back box exhaust, setting it apart on the streets. Currently looking into more performance upgrades, Christina aims to lower the car and potentially replace the engine to match her vision of “making it as mean as possible.”

Integration Into Lifestyle

Christina’s life intertwines seamlessly with her love for cars. She’s an active member of the Facebook group MK2 for Ka, and regularly attends car meets and shows. Her Instagram, @Thatcargirl2000, is a growing platform where she shares her automotive adventures, aiming to connect with more like-minded enthusiasts.

Technical Challenges and Future Aspirations

Every modification on Scoob comes with its set of challenges, the toughest being the replacement of the exhaust system, which proved difficult due to overtightened clips. Looking ahead, Christina has big plans for Scoob, intending to enhance its performance and aesthetic appeal further.

A Community Connected by Passion

Christina’s story is a brilliant example of how individual passions can foster a vibrant community. Her parting message to the Ford Fam is a reminder that “no matter how big or small, we all belong in the car community.”

Join us at Ford Fam as we continue to explore the journeys of individuals like Christina who drive the spirit of our community forward. Dive into the full story of Christina and Scoob on our website and connect with a community where every member is celebrated, and every story is worth telling.

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