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Spotlight Feature: Meet Michael and His Prized Mk8 Fiesta ST3

Date Published: 27th July 2023


From the heart of Essex, we bring you an inside look into the journey of Michael and his Mk8 Fiesta ST3. As a Ford enthusiast, Michael takes us through the thrilling memories, the mods, and his vision for future adventures with his beloved Ford. Let’s dive in!


Getting to Know Michael

Name: Michael
From: Essex
Ford Model: Mk8 Fiesta ST3
Car Account: @mu10_maw
Personal Account: @michael.a.w

Q&A Session with Michael:

1. The Beginning of the Journey:

I’ve always been intrigued by how nimble Fords felt around corners and their nippy nature. Picking up my Mk8 Fiesta ST3 from the dealership was one of my fondest memories. A quick stop at the petrol station, followed by an exhilarating drive was all it took for me to fall head over heels for this machine.

2. Mod and Upgrades:

So far, I’ve added the Revo intake kit and adorned my Fiesta with the Revo RF018 alloys. Interestingly, when I got the car, it was already upgraded with H&R lowering springs and had a short shifter.

3. Favourite Feature:

If I had to pick one feature I adore, it’s the track mode. It does wonders by opening the exhaust cable, giving those intense pops and bangs, and simultaneously turning off the traction control. Every drive feels like a thrilling racetrack adventure.

4. The Ford Community & Services:

The beauty of being in the Ford community is the self-reliance it fosters. I’ve learned to service my car on my own, thanks to the community’s shared knowledge. Haven’t yet faced any issues with the car or Ford in general.

5. Michael's Ford Wishlist:

While I deeply cherish my Mk8 Fiesta ST3, I can’t deny my admiration for any Focus RS model. And, if presented with an opportunity, I’d never turn down a Sierra or Escort Cosworth.

6. Ford in Daily Life:

My Ford isn’t just for show or occasional spins; it’s an integral part of my daily life. Be it traveling long distances for work or zipping around town, the Fiesta’s impressive MPG ensures it’s always up for the task.

7. Event Experience:

FordFair was the first event where I showcased my car. Unfortunately, I missed booking it on a stand this year, but I’m optimistic about the next one.

8. Unique Ford Moments:

Well, apart from being occasionally mistaken for a taxi, my journey with Ford has been pretty straightforward so far!

Final Words:

For those still contemplating joining the Ford family, Michael has a simple message: “Hurry up already!”


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