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Ford Fam Spotlight Feature: Joe Waddell Of @joecarphotography

Date Published: 18th July 2023

Meet Joe Waddell - Master of Auto-Photography

Welcome to another Ford Fam Feature where we spotlight the members of our Ford Fam who are doing remarkable things in our vibrant community. Today, we’re showcasing a distinguished photographer whose skill behind the lens is as impressive as our Ford models: Joe Waddell, known on Instagram as @joecarphotography.

The Photographic Journey

Based in Northamptonshire, Joe Waddell is a vibrant 20-year-old whose passion for automotive photography is outshined only by his incredible talent. He embarked on his journey in 2016, initially drawn towards supercars. Over time, his lens started to capture the classics, the rarities, and, of course, the epitomes of Ford excellence. Now, Joe boasts an enviable portfolio and a noteworthy Instagram presence where he’s known as @joecarphotography.

Joe’s Instagram career started in May 2016, with his first post featuring a sharp Nissan GTR. Since then, Joe has honed his focus on capturing all kinds of cars, displaying an astounding attention to detail that sets his work apart.

In January 2020, Joe exhibited his love for classic Fords with a nostalgic Escort Cosworth captured in an early visit to The Sharnbrook. By October, Joe had captured the elusive Ford GT, lamenting the rarity of these models in the UK, but celebrating the opportunity to photograph such a distinguished machine.

First Private Photoshoot

Fast-forward to April 2023, and Joe celebrated his first private photoshoot – a captivating session with a beautiful red MK7 Fiesta. This isn’t just a stunning set of photographs but a testament to Joe’s growth as a photographer and his deepening relationship with the Ford Fam.

His Work and Future Ambitions

Currently, Joe works with The Performance Company and Liberty Walk Europe, creating content featuring Liberty Walk’s exclusive widebody supercars. Despite this, he’s continually looking to enhance his personal portfolio.

For those who share a love for cars and appreciate high-quality photos that truly capture the essence of their vehicles, Joe is the go-to photographer. He’s always open to private photoshoots to not only advance his photography skills but also provide owners with striking images of their vehicles. So, if you’re based in Northamptonshire or willing to travel there, be sure to drop Joe a DM!

A Word from Ford Fam

Here at Ford Fam, we appreciate Joe’s contribution to the car photography world and his ability to capture Ford vehicles in such a unique and compelling way. His passion and dedication are palpable in every photograph he shares. We look forward to his continued work and are thrilled to count him as a part of our Ford Fam.

An Invitation to Northamptonshire đź“Ť

Based in Northamptonshire, and shooting with a Sony a7ii, Joe invites all Ford enthusiasts for private photoshoots. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your Ford professionally photographed while showcasing its individual character. We strongly encourage our UK Ford Fam members to consider this unique opportunity.

For more information about Joe’s work, please visit his website at, or follow him on Instagram @joecarphotography. For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to him via direct message on Instagram or through the contact form on his website.

Interested in joining the Ford Fam community? Head over to Ford Fam Instagram to learn more and become part of our passionate Ford family.

Photo Credit: Joe Waddell

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