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Ford Fam Spotlight Feature: Adam Smith’s Sierra Cosworth and Sapphire Cosworth

Date Published: 20th July 2023

A Genuine Car Enthusiast With A Love for Fords

Hello Ford Fam,

This month’s Ford Fam spotlight is shining on a remarkable car enthusiast I discovered on YouTube – Adam Smith. Just like you and me, Adam has a real passion for cars. His love for the irresistible Subaru burble is palpable, but Ford, especially Ford Sierra, has a special place in his heart.

Meet Adam Smith

Adam, who hails from Sunderland, started his journey on Instagram back in 2013 under the handle @adam_1510. He is a video creator and shares his life, interests, and projects on his YouTube channel.

Adam’s love for Ford Sierra is evident from the numerous pictures he has posted over the years, and his YouTube channel offers a first-hand look at the restoration process. His enthusiasm and dedication are inspiring, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy following his journey as much as I have.

Adam's Love for Ford

Adam’s journey with Ford Sierra started with his first picture of a Sierra Cosworth British D registered vehicle in 2013. From sharing pictures of his Cosworth looking dusty in the garage, to boasting about its new gazgold coilovers, Adam’s documentation of his journey with his beloved Sierra is engaging.

In 2017, he shared a beautiful picture of his Sierra Cosworth, with a captivating sunset in the background, hinting at the many rides and adventures he had enjoyed with his car.

By 2019, Adam’s enthusiasm and his engaging content had garnered him a whopping 5000 YouTube subscribers. The same year, he shared the intriguing story of his car coming with a “Factory Ford Leather Interior” and its sale later on.

Car Enthusiast and Professional Photographer

Besides being a car enthusiast, Adam is also a professional photographer, capturing stunning wedding, landscape, and maternity photographs. His Instagram handle features several aesthetically pleasing pictures, proving his talent behind the lens.

A YouTube Channel Worth Following

If you’re a car enthusiast or just someone who enjoys good content, then Adam’s YouTube channel is definitely worth checking out. From reviewing unique cars like the Series 1 RS Turbo to giving insights on repairs, Adam’s YouTube content is rich and enjoyable.


Adam has two Ford Sierras he’s currently working on. In 2021, he started pulling down his old garage, which was replaced with a new one by April. Adam shared the progress and excitement of building a new garage on his Instagram, making his followers a part of his journey.

His followers enjoy being updated on his current projects and future plans. In 2022, he shared about a new car, an early 2wd Saph Cosworth, and expressed his eagerness to work on it.


An Inspirational Journey

Today, Adam enjoys a strong following of 58,000 subscribers on YouTube. He continues to share his love for Ford, his current projects, and his life’s small and big moments with his followers.

His love for the Cosworth, his eye for photography, and his dream of a garage with a Ford and Subaru make Adam a unique and interesting addition to the Ford Fam.

Keep an eye on Adam’s journey, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll be able to collaborate on something fantastic! If you’re not already following Adam, make sure to head over to his Instagram and YouTube channel, give him a sub and become a part of his exciting journey.


Author Bio

An avid car enthusiast with a soft spot for Ford and Subaru, this author regularly scours the internet for interesting car stories and shares them with fellow enthusiasts. Always on the lookout for inspiring stories and practical tips to share with his readers, he believes in the power of the online community to exchange knowledge and passion for cars.

Photo Credit: Adam Smith

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