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Ford Fam Spotlight Feature: Amrish and His Striking Black Focus ST MK3.5

Date Published: 19th July 2023

Meet Amrish: A True Ford Enthusiast

Today in our Spotlight Feature, we’re thrilled to bring attention to an enthusiastic member of our Ford Fam, Amrish, and his striking all-black Focus ST MK3.5. You may already recognize his Instagram handle, @thatblackfocus_st, a platform where he passionately showcases his love for Ford with his unique flair.

Starting the Journey with Ford

It all started when Amrish’s journey with Ford began through his initial ride, a robust black Focus ST MK3 2013. Over a year of ownership and mingling with the Dutch car community, Amrish cultivated a deep-seated appreciation for the camaraderie and mutual enthusiasm that binds the group together.

From MK3 to MK3.5: A New Project Begins

His journey took an exciting turn when he discovered the enthralling 2017 MK3.5 ST. Clad in alluring black on red, the vehicle was an absolute marvel. Although it appeared completely stock from the outside, underneath lay a different story – a custom exhaust system that roared into life at startup and on the move. The adrenaline rush it provided was all it took for Amrish; he knew he had found his new project and promptly traded his MK3 for this stunner.

Personalizing the Ride

Amrish’s story didn’t stop there. He started personalizing his new Focus ST, integrating visual modifications such as Maxton Design elements and a striking new spoiler. Today, @ThatBlackFocus_ST is a frequent sight at car meets across the Netherlands, usually found traveling with his band of brothers from @FocusSTNL.

Behind the Camera: @photorawphy

We want to extend a special shout-out to @photorawphy, the creative genius behind the lens capturing the beauty of Amrish’s Focus ST in all its glory. Not only does he snap the best camera shots, but he’s also been instrumental in assisting with most of the modifications made to the ST. Their collaborative effort is a testament to the old adage – You gotta make it yours!

Join Us on the Journey

Stay tuned to @thatblackfocus_st as Amrish continues to share his journey, infusing his passion for Ford into every modification, meet-up, and mile driven.

More to Come from the Ford Fam

Don’t miss out on more fantastic features like Amrish’s Focus ST over on our Ford Fam website, and remember, every Ford has a story. What’s yours?

Keep it revving, Ford Fam!

Photo Credit: @photorawphy

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