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Ford Fam Spotlight Feature: The Adventures of Greg Robertson

Date Published: 17th July 2023

A Ford Enthusiast's Journey Through The Years

Join us as we traverse the timeline of Greg Robertson (@b13_grg), a British Ford enthusiast who’s passion has seen him journey through an interesting array of custom Ford vehicles, eventually earning the honour of becoming a brand ambassador for DeltaStyling. His story is one of perseverance, passion and love for his Ford fam.

The Early Years

Greg’s journey started with a MK7 Ford Fiesta, an iconic hot hatch, which was passed onto his girlfriend when Greg traded up to a new Ford Focus Zetec S 2013. The Instagram post announcing his new purchase – New car day 😎 #ford #focus #zetecs – marked a milestone in his journey. He delighted in the clean, white aesthetics of his Ford, often sharing his experiences with his followers, from car shows in Crail, Scotland, to the trials of owning a white car during autumn and winter.

Moving Forward with MK3 Ford Focus ST Estate

April 2016 saw Greg making a significant upgrade in his Ford journey, purchasing a stunning blue MK3 Ford Focus ST Estate. A strong admiration for the new car was evident through his posts. The hashtags – #ford #focus #St #estate #2L #ecoboost #ST3 – only confirmed his joy and enthusiasm for the ride. It was clear that the ‘rollingoval’ had captured Greg’s heart.

He then went on to learn how to properly wash his car, experimenting with the 2-bucket method, and shared his car care journey with his followers. These experiences helped shape him into the detail-oriented car enthusiast he is today.

Enter the MK3.5 Stealth Grey ST

In August 2018, Greg took the difficult decision to sell his blue MK3 ST Estate, and upgrade to a MK3.5 Stealth Grey ST. He expressed his sentiment for the previous car, but his excitement for the new Ford Focus ST was clear. His new ‘stealth grey’ quickly became a canvas for modifications, starting with a full splitter kit and private registration.

From powdercoated purple alloys to a full Miltek exhaust system, Greg began to truly make the Ford his own. His work didn’t go unnoticed and he became an ambassador for DeltaStyling, representing the brand at Scotland’s biggest car shows.

For the Love of the Ford Fam

Greg’s love for his Ford community is truly commendable. Whether he’s at the Scottish Car Show, Ford Fair or the Aberdeen Car Show, he’s always sharing his experiences with his followers. His affiliation with @customfords_ shines through as they won the ‘Best Club Stand’ at various car shows, exhibiting their unique and exceptionally clean cars.

His Stealth Grey ST underwent a dramatic transformation with a satin matt purple wrap and 20″ Judd Wheels in February 2020. Greg continued to keep his followers updated during the COVID-19 pandemic, sharing his experiences and the challenges it brought.

The New Kid on the Block - MK4 Ford Focus ST

July 2021 marked the end of an era as Greg sold his beloved Stealth Grey MK3.5 ST. However, as one door closed, another opened – Greg became the proud owner of a MK4 Ford Focus ST. His excitement was palpable as he began modifying his new ride, installing a ‘conflict of interest’ Maxton splitter.

Through all his adventures, Greg continues to exemplify what it means to be part of the ‘Ford Fam’. He’s more than just a Ford owner – he’s an enthusiast, an ambassador, and a mentor. And even as he looks to the future, he continues to share his journey, adding to his legacy one post at a time.


Join us as we look forward to more updates from Greg Robertson and his ongoing Ford journey!

Photo Credit: Greg Robertson

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