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James Crocket and the Rally-Winning MR375 RS Clubsport: A Journey of Passion and Performance

Date Published: 15th May 2024


In the picturesque northeast of Aberdeenshire, James Crocket’s passion for Ford manifests through his striking Mk2 Focus RS 2010, a machine not just of power but of accolades. Known among enthusiasts as a definitive MR375 RS Clubsport, this vehicle has not only captured the hearts of local fans but has also clinched the title of “Best Modified RS” at the RSOC Rallye at the River 2024.

From Passion to Podium

James’s journey with Ford vehicles stretches back to the days shortly after he passed his driving test, marking the beginning of a lifelong passion that has seen several Ford models grace his garage. His current love, the Mk2 Focus RS, known simply as the MR375, is a testament to his dedication to pushing automotive boundaries. The MR375 isn’t just another car; it’s a pinnacle of what a Focus RS can achieve with the right modifications and care.

The Making of a Champion

The MR375 Clubsport upgrade has transformed an already potent machine into a powerhouse, boasting 375 horsepower and 520 Nm of torque. This car doesn’t just drive; it roars down the roads, commanding attention and respect. The Mountune performance upgrades, extending from the interior to the exterior, not only enhance its functionality but also its aesthetic appeal, making it a true head-turner at shows and on the streets.

Integration with Daily Life

James’s integration of his automotive passion into his daily life is seamless. He spends countless hours in the garage, tinkering, cleaning, and admiring the craftsmanship of the MR375. His involvement with the North East Car Enthusiasts Club provides a platform to connect with like-minded individuals, sharing stories and experiences that transcend the usual car owner discussions.

A Community Effort

It’s not just about personal joy for James; it’s about the community. Being a vital part of a car enthusiast club, James enjoys the camaraderie and the shared excitement that comes with being among fellow Ford lovers. His Instagram, @crockets_rs375, is rapidly approaching the 1K follower mark, a milestone that reflects not just his popularity but the respect he commands within the Ford community.

A Message from James

In his own words, James reflects, “I’m just happy to see people take time out of their day to grow a page and help others boost their page and meet new people.” His journey is not just about enhancing his car but about enhancing the community, making every moment and modification count towards building something bigger than himself.

As we feature James and his iconic MR375 RS Clubsport, we invite you to join us at Ford Fam, where every story is celebrated, and every member is a star. Follow James’s journey on Instagram @crockets_rs375 and witness how passion, community, and performance drive the Ford spirit to new heights.

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