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Unleashing the Spirit of Speed: Nathalia and Her Black and BeaSTy Ford Fiesta MK8 ST3

Date Published: 24th April 2024

Introduction to the Driver: Nathalia's Journey to Ford Passion

In the heart of the Netherlands, Nathalia, known as @blackandbeasty on Instagram, stands out as a powerful figure in the automotive community. With a passion ignited by her first Ford Escort CL, Nathalia’s journey through the world of Ford is nothing short of remarkable. Over the years, her love for agile and elegant cars has driven her to own approximately 35 Ford vehicles, each adding to her profound connection with the brand.

Nathalia’s role as a manager with Fiesta Crew Nederland and her active participation in multiple car clubs, including Ford Elite and Pretty Cars NL, highlight her commitment to fostering a supportive and inclusive car culture. Her dedication is not only to the performance but also to creating a safe environment where every member can thrive without the fear of negativity that often pervades the automotive scene.

The Black and BeaSTy: A Deep Dive into Nathalia’s Ford Fiesta MK8 ST3

Nathalia’s Ford Fiesta MK8 ST3, affectionately named “Black and BeaSTy,” is a testament to her taste for performance fused with style. The car boasts an impressive suite of modifications that enhance both its appearance and its capabilities on the road. With a Revo open air intake, Milltek double exhaust, and Revo stage 1 tuning, the Fiesta produces 245 horsepower and 393 Nm of torque, sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.8 seconds.

Visually, the Fiesta does not shy away from making a statement. It features a full Maxton body kit, a custom wrap, and chameleon windshield, complemented by Rose Golden Tec GT8 speed wheels with center locks. These modifications are not merely for aesthetics; they enhance the car’s performance and reflect Nathalia’s personal style.

Living the Fast Life: Nathalia's Integration of Passion and Daily Life

Nathalia’s automotive enthusiasm transcends the boundaries of mere hobby. It influences her daily life, shaping her personal and professional interactions. Her managerial skills and background in social psychology have proven invaluable in managing Fiesta Crew Nederland, where she focuses on growth and positivity.

Her most memorable moments come from the joy of driving—the exhilaration of acceleration and the thrill of speed, which she describes as therapeutic. Nathalia’s experiences on the road with “Black and BeaSTy” are a significant part of her life, providing not just a means of transport but a source of joy and freedom.

Future Horizons and Inspirational Insights

Looking ahead, Nathalia is content with the current state of her Fiesta, focusing now on enjoying the fruits of her laborious and love-filled modifications. However, she remains open to new experiences and opportunities that may arise within the vibrant Ford community.

Nathalia’s advice to fellow Ford enthusiasts is heartfelt and resonant: “Stay close to yourself, don’t let others drive you crazy, and follow your heart in every situation. Life is too short not to enjoy it.”

Join the Ford Fam

Nathalia’s story is just one of the many that inspire and energize the Ford Fam community. Her journey from a Ford novice to a respected member of the car community exemplifies the spirit of passion and perseverance. For those looking to dive deeper into the world of Ford, connect with Nathalia via her Instagram, @blackandbeasty, and explore the thriving culture she helps cultivate at Fiesta Crew Nederland.

As we continue to feature more enthusiasts like Nathalia, we invite you to share your story and join the Ford Fam, where every member is celebrated, and every story is worth telling. Whether you’re a seasoned driver or a newcomer to the automotive scene, there’s a place for you here in the Ford Fam. Join us and let’s drive the passion forward together.

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