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Yuro Saroyan: Solo Maestro In His Ford Focus RS Armenia

Date Published: 26th July 2023


From the charming landscapes of Evn, Armenia, Yuro Saroyan emerges as a beacon of enthusiasm within the Ford community. His captivating journey with his cherished Ford Focus RS 2018 stands testament to the bond between a man and his machine.

Ford Love At First Sight:

Yuro’s bond with Ford ignited when the “devil eyes”, impressive speed, and the sound of Ford engines stole his heart. His relationship with Ford has seen both thrilling highs and challenging times, such as the heart-stopping moment when he survived a crash at 140 km/h in his Ford Focus 2.0 2014. This profound experience reinforces the unyielding safety Ford vehicles assure.

The Only RS in Armenia:

It’s not just any car. Yuro’s RS is a unique beacon, standing out not just in features but in its unparalleled rarity. Being the only RS in Armenia, it doesn’t just turn heads – it halts traffic! As Yuro fondly recalls, “If I go slow, all of Armenia admires my car. If I speed up, every Armenian vehicle stops to watch.”

A Personal Touch:

The car signifies more than a mere machine to Yuro; it mirrors his identity. His deep connection even reflects in the maintenance of his vehicle. Where most might seek service centers, Yuro opts for the personal touch, fixing his prized possession with the help of a close friend.

Standing Out in the Crowd:

Ford events globally boast a variety of models, yet in Armenian car meets, Yuro’s RS stands alone, showcasing the rich Ford lineage. This solitude only intensifies his bond and pride in owning such a rare gem.

Words of Wisdom:

For anyone on the fence about joining the Ford family, Yuro has crystal clear advice – the relationship one nurtures with a Ford isn’t just mechanical. It’s deeply emotional. A Ford doesn’t merely facilitate commutes; it embeds itself in one’s daily life and treasured moments.


In the vast world of automotive tales, Yuro Saroyan’s story shines brilliantly, narrating a tale of passion, resilience, and unwavering loyalty, not merely to a brand but to a trusted companion that’s been by his side, always.

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