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Sad News of Ken Block’s Passing, Makes You Reflect…

So, I may have overdone it yesterday, I started on the website at 10am and went to bed at 8 am this morning, with almost no breaks and was awoken today at 3pm, not a great start, but we need to sleep and I do blame the nightshift lifestyle for the terrible body clock.

A Legend Sorely Missed But Never Forgotten

However, upon awakening I was then met with some of the saddest and most reflective news to start 2023, the Legend Ken Block sadly passed away in a snowmobiling incident today and only posting to his Instagram story less than 24 hours ago, showing the dream lifestyle and beautiful snow covered landscape, which looked amazing, no one would have thought this would have been possible then.

With his vast array of Ford’s and outstanding collection at that, some we could only dream of driving never mind owning, he most certainly was a fellow Ford Nut, and our thoughts and prayers go out to his Family and friends at this sad time.

Ken Block’s Amazing Collection of Ford’s

Cant Take a Moment for Granted

It just shows us we never know what today or even tomorrow holds for us, nothing is guaranteed and life should never be taken for granted, I’m not saying he did.

I’m merely reflecting on if I was to go tomorrow;

Have I done everything I wanted too?

Have I done enough for my family to leave them safe and comfortable?

But most importantly have I had enough fun and thanked everyone I value most in life?

Honestly no… and that scares me everyday as I get older. The uncontrollable can be just around the corner and sometimes in the pursuit of something we get caught up, even obsessed, myself especially and take life and the people around us for granted, but that dream will always be there, but the family who help you to get there, building you up and supporting you with love, may not.

Changing a Plan for No Plan

I had a small but clear plan for 2022, I was going to market my Media Business and push my own Instagram that was it…

But a lot of stuff went down throughout 2022, some I’m proud of, others not so much, but it was a learning curve

From a personal goal at the start of 2022 to come out of my shell and get myself fully into the car scene, which I did and loved it, was so much fun and I met great people along the way and was progressing my photography skills so much but after starting Ford Fam I wasn’t enjoying anymore it was stressful, it felt lonely and like we had something to prove, it was all I thought about in between work and sleep and it was starting to get me depressed.

I had changed something that was fun and enjoyable, into an extra job, which doesn’t pay you and the expectation placed upon you to keep up with other groups and clubs, is never ending, the guilt, the embarrassment when things flop and it leads you to think you’re not as good as the others, you don’t deserve it and what you got was what you deserve, the suffering, because you don’t post everyday or what ever it may be that gets to you the most, it is absolute nonsense.

Refuse To Live Like That

I refuse to live like this and near the end of 2022, I took a step back to figure out where I wanted to go with Ford Fam and more importantly, where do I want to go with my career in order to free up time to do more with the club and at home and I have an idea, news coming soon.

I started this club to build upon, I wasn’t looking to be the biggest or the best, but you still have to get noticed or its all a waste of time doing it on your own, so I want to build a small close-knit community of local Ford Owners.

Who go for Runs Together, Help Each Other Out and Meet for Breakfast once a month to catch up, check in on each other and just have fun throughout the year at local shows and Ford events. But I really want community so my biggest goal was to have a couple of massive joint club meets/events each year, that was the vision and it still remains that for me.

If it takes three years to build it to that, then so be it, but I want to give you all the best website resource that any Ford Owner can use.

A one stop resource for Featured Videos, Photoshoots, Write Up’s, Feature in Our Gallery of Fords, Technical Videos for the DIY’er, Discounts and Offerings specifically catered to Ford Owners from suppliers around the world and much more.

But this takes time and Rome wasn’t built in a day, believe me I have tried and because I often set the target too high I often fail and give up, so small steps and the club will get there when it’s meant to.

Work Life Balance

But sometimes it gets too much, as I try to work full time, be a father, a partner, develop myself and my company in the background and on top of all that try and organise and run a car club myself it is not easy, which I don’t want to do forever as it is a club for a reason, for others to join and show as much enthusiasm for the club and help me grow it to something bigger and better, but it takes you as well as me to make that happen.

I try my best and apologise, if I let any of you down in 2022, it wasn’t intentional and I do care about the club, as it is my escape from all the stress of life, I just don’t want it to be adding to it.

Ford Fam is 2023

What Events Do You All Want To Attend? Let’s end this blog on a better note…

The Brand-New Events Page is Now Live and ready for you all to start booking in for our 2023 events, first up is the Monthly Breakfast Meet and the first of 2023, it is being held this Sunday.

You can reserve your space today here.

Look forward to meeting you all in the New Year.

Wishing you all great success and prosperity in 2023.


John Harkins

Ford Fam Founder


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